FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform



Objective 1: Demonstrate the implementation of open source/open architecture software platform for Smart Energy Systems. FISMEP aims at implementing a standard platform that could be used as a sort of European Operating System for Smart Energy.

Objective 2:: Demonstrate through real demonstrators that the proposed platform has a real impact on the energy system supporting innovative use cases. Each test field will achieve targets in terms of energy efficiency, performance or user-centered adaptation that will be used to assess if the implementation by means of the cloud platform is a feasible and affordable solution.

Objective 3:: Create a large base of users for the platform with an intensive dissemination activity associated to the development process.

Objective 4:: Put the foundation to keep the platform alive beyond the project's lifetime and move in the direction of European standardization.

Field test activities in Romania:

  • Advancement of monitoring solutions for distribution grids
  • Installation of mobile phasor measurement units (PMUs) as configurable monitoring nodes
  • Tracking and evaluation of energy distribution and voltage quality
  • Six months monitoring campaign with data fusion within FISMEP.

Test sites

  • LV grid node on UPC campus, Bucharest
  • LV grid node with PV installation
  • 20/0.4 kV substation (on LV side)
  • Point of common coupling (PCC) of wind park, 20 kV and 110 kV

Romanian team (UPB+EnergoBit) is responsible for objective 2, “The Field Test Romania” , led by MicroDERLab, a research group at University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) that comprises teams from the three institutes Electrical Engineering, Automation & Control, and Power Engineering. UPB will collaborate with industrial partner EnergoBit, an engineering and general contractor services provider of electrical power works in Romania.
Within the Field Test Romania, UPB will carry out monitoring activities of distribution grids in several installations operated by regional DSO and equipped by the energy division of EnergoBit. Here, the aim is to demonstrate the FISMEP platform’s ability to integrate information on energy distribution and voltage quality. This information is extracted from real-time streaming via phasor measurement units (PMUs), i.e. a network of special devices that measure both complex amplitude and voltage at multiple locations synchronized in time (“synchrophasor”).
As concern the test sites, five mobile PMUs will be installed as configurable monitoring nodes on 110 kV and 20 kV bus bars of substations with intermittent energy input (PV- and wind-based). A novelty in the application of PMU data is the voltage quality monitoring. The acquired results of this field test are pivotal for the implementation of an electric energy market that can operate at different voltage levels (transmission vs. distribution).