FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform

Project Summary

There is urgent need to unlock Smart Grid Technologies and Services by means of a standardized software platform that can support interoperability. To achieve this goal, FISMEP leverages activities performed at European and local level in the last few years. Main pillar is the result of the EU Project FINESCE funded within FI-PPP phase 2. As result of that project first steps have been performed towards a cloud-based, service-oriented, open-source middleware platform, the Smart Energy Platform, capable of supporting business models of different Smart Energy actors. While this platform has been demonstrated in 7 field tests within FINESCE, main goal of FISMEP is to expand the experience in breath and locations adding experiences from other countries such as Romania, Sweden and Germany. The goal is to enrich the set of use cases in the platform and to exploit different media, including the Knowledge Community, to raise awareness, adoption and support in Europe